Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bob Mackie... My not so glamorous Angel

Ever heard of the amazing Costume Designer Bob Mackie?...Well if you haven't then look up his amazing work and Illustrations... He's been in the business for years designing all of Cher's most famous costumes and of course Barbie!. So the other day I went to go visit my Mom, & she was doing quite a bit of cleaning  around the house (meaning if there were any things that belonged to me, i might want to pick up, because I would probably never see again! ha!)... behind a huge pile of books and DVDs, I found this!... **STELLA STAR**  a friend had gifted me years ago!!! (even as kids, she knew how much I loved Fashion/ Illustrations), I couldn't believe the condition it was in, and definitely had to take her home with me.

I am most definitely not a professional restorer, but I do know how to work my way around with some crazy glue (unless that is I'm accidentally gluing my fingers together!)... oh and many thanks to the bf  for a great tip!... (painting the broken pieces the same color as the outside before attaching, so chips don't show thru after being glued!)

These figurines go for well over a couple hundred dollars now, and are well worth every penny for the immense detail and artistry of the 1940's its so amazing!, it will definitely be well taken care of now that its safe with me! Yay!

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