Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A little about me....

A little about me... I don't really consider myself an Artist or Fashion Illustrator but I love to do it...I mean LOVE it!. I think my idea of  having a happy and  fufilling career is getting to do what you love all day long!, and thats exactly what I strive to do. When it was time to choose a career I went for what came natural to me- FASHION. Not only do I get to illustrate my ideas but make them a reality too! & i'm a pretty good sewer too! ha!. Many people compare my illustrations to "Barbie", and I mean what little girl did not grow up wanting to be like her? or at least live in her world?... I certainly owe alot of credit to her for the inspiration, to do what I do... it did all start with me making her tube sock dresses out of my old socks!

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