Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Style Vs Comfort

Style Vs Comfort... some people are lead to believe that you have to compromise one for the other, I totally disagree!!!. I definitely think a woman can wear some cool and comfty things and still look great especially when you see her walking next to a woman struggling to walk in her 6" stilettos and super tight outfit after a days work lol!. My idea of great style is to wear just about anything you want, with great confidence! (confidence is always in style). When it comes to finding a great pair of "going out" shoes I seem to lean toward my favorite Steve Madden's (w/ a wooden heel), I find that I can walk in those all night if I have to...who would have thought wood was comfty?... Feet feeling good = me looking good!. But like most women I have just about every type of shoe in my closet...the one's I can wear every day, the boots I only take out when its raining and the shoes I only bought for looks and never wear (we all have those). But at the end of the day my top pic would have to be my L.A.M.B. sneakers (leather outside and awesome cashmere inside, I'll talk more about my obsession with that later), and that's only because I can't go out in public barefoot, can I? lol!

When it comes to clothing I'm a Jeans and Tank kinda girl...cause what's cooler than that?... Style & Comfort, oh and I can't forget my hoop earrings! (I've worn hoops since I can remember). I also have a ton of dresses and even Jumpsuits, I just love easy and fun outfits... I love flowy tops, bright colors and I have a ton of black in my closet, Ohhhh and did I mention I'm in my late 20's???. I have a few friends already freaking out about the getting closer to "30's" thing... like all of a sudden were banned from trendy stores, wearing leopard print and forced to shop at White House Black Market lol!. All I have to say to that is wear what makes you feel good, cause at the end of the day style is all about you!  

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  1. White House Black Market? Let's save that for our 40s!