Friday, March 16, 2012

Barbie Style Shadow box!

Barbie has always been a great expression of fashion and style, and as a little girl you start to emulate what you see around you, and for me barbie was a major inspiration. Since I was a child I would receive a barbie doll from my mom just about every Christmas, and to her surprise as a kid I learned how to pinch the sides of the gifts to see which one was a pink box and had my name on it, which meant barbie!... I looked forward to it every year. As the years when by and I got older, that pretty much stopped, my mom said I was too old for Barbie's, and that I needed to grow up (sadness). To my surprise a few years later I received a couple of these Barbie shadow boxes as a gift from my mom and they were absolutely adorable, each one a different barbie outfit in its own shadow box!. And because I'm in the Industry it goes great in my place and decor. I still have them up and adore them!.

Above pictured is the famous Barbie Bathing suit from the 1950's, and in keeping with that theme and me wanting to do a lil re-decorating, I decided to take on the task of making my own!. Of course this worked out because I have a closet full of things that I have made and are very special to to Michael's I went.

I found these super cool 16" x 20" shadow boxes that were the perfect size, color and matched my Barbie shadow boxes. And at Michael's you can always look out for a great sale, these I got at a steal for buy one, get one free, I love that!.

They are very simple to assemble, you just open the back frame and it comes out with a cardboard covered in foam and felt, easy to pin down fabric and pictures, when finished you just secure and they are ready to hang up!... so easy!.

These are the finished product, very simple and easy, and they look great.... hmm, now where will they go?...

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