Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's my Inspiration... undergarments?

What's more amazing than the feeling of sudden Inspiration?.. as a student deciding the fate of her Senior Collection, I had no Idea what direction to take until I saw the music video for "It's my Life- covered by No Doubt". While other Peers were designing dresses, separates and even elaborate costume ideas, I could only think of one thing...Lingerie. I mean could I really create a whole collection based on undergarments and a cool music video?, I remember Peers poking fun at me saying I had chosen just about the easiest type of collection I could think of and wanted to take the easy route. As a designer I had to follow my gut feeling and what would seem to be the easiest thing in the whole class room, became the most elaborate of all.

 Ive always believed that a woman does not need a man around to wear something that makes her feel feminine and sexual. So I decided to concentrate on the "bathtub scene- where she tries to kill her guy" and create an all "blush tone" collection. I decided since the theme was a 20's vibe I would Tea dye all my fabrics to show off a vintage look... it took days and days to get certain fabrics just right... from the stove top to the dryer to the ironing it was an extensive routine. Every detail had a hand touch, the embellishments and beading were all hand sewn, the garters were handmade and every stitch was french seamed (french seam- when two fabrics are held together by seaming, when sewing was done by hand) like clothes used to be made...there is no over lock whats so ever in any part (over lock- is a machine stitch that factories use to hem a seam). Needless to say my Instructor told me I was insane to even try to pull this off... and most definitely did I ever.


When I finished I had a feminine and fun collection I was super proud of, and a very cool show to look forward to... and as a treat the Fashion Show producer found a cool Remix of the "Bathwater" song also done by No Doubt that my models would walk out to. Its pretty amazing how one video, song, or even picture will impact you, to go from a blank slate to an amazingly crazy rollercoaster. I still have those moments to this day, and I hope they never go away!

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