Monday, March 12, 2012

The Ultimate Accessory - Red Lips

**Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by Tom Munro

Red Lips are the Ultimate Accessory for a bold statement, especially for those day's you want to feel ultra feminine and bring out that inner pin up in you. Many women stay away from red, either because they are afraid of this color or might even believe they can't pull it off. There is an amazingly large range of reds that exist in the colorful world of M.A.C., but with a little time and patience you can easily find that perfect shade that might even make into your everyday lip color. Below I listed my 3 favorite hues of red, which I personally own. It was a long time before I even had the courage to go and try this out for myself... I started off by picking a color that was close to red and had a hint of dark purple called New York Apple, to this day this is my absolute favorite for everyday wear, it is bold yet not overbearing and it looks great with either a red tone or purple tone lip liner. After that I just went for it...I wanted  that  pin up color that wasn't too orang-y, but sexy so I went for these both;  Ruby Woo (Gwen Stafani's color) and Russian Red, again these are similar in color but with different finishes, one is glossy and one is a matte finish. Most definitely depending on my mood, I bring out one of my fun red colors to wear, because its seriously the ultimate feel good feminine accessory!


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