Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is it Summer yet?

I know its only march, but summer is already on my mind!... that and I have a cruise coming up soon, so it's time to think about the dreaded thought of "swimwear". There are many out there that dread this time of year only because it brings up some insecurities, well I'm definitely not perfect... being as that I am a size 12 and curvy!..there are definitely stylish ways to feel great during the summer and look fabulous!

First of all there are several styles to work with, bikini's, tankini's, monokini's and one-piece's. It might take a while to warm up to the idea of searching for bathing suits, so I suggest to go with you're hair done and maybe a lil tan, (it's like shopping for clothing, the better prepped up you are, the more you see how it will look like all pulled together). Bring a friend for some real advice, and also don't be afraid to try new styles, colors, and even prints... to show off your personal style. When it comes to one pieces I always look for some fun details like cut outs, rouching, or even ruffles, because this keeps away from the dreaded  and boring one-piece. When I buy separates I make sure I purchase a mix of solids, brights or prints, because mixing and matching prints is more cost effective...creating new looks with only a few pieces.

When it comes to swimwear cover ups I always seem to go for options that I can definitely wear again and again, (I don't like purchasing items that can be worn for one purpose). Maxi Dresses are always great to wear with bathing suits especially because they are comfortable and can add either a print or a complimentary color. Sheer tunics are a huge trend right now, I have a fewin my closet in several colors... these are also perfect to use as a cover up since its sheer and will look sexy showing off whats underneath. Last but not least...we all have old jeans that can be cut into shorts, and the more rugged look the better (this is great cause its free!). Sooo whatever you choose to wear this summer, just have fun with and personalize... look and feel confident... most importantly don't forget that sunscreen! ha!.

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