Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Too Expensive?....Do it yourself! - Bedding

So it's been a while now and I've been really tired of looking at my blank bedroom, especially because I love to decorate and create my own space. I love love love feminine, and girly things... but I don't like to spend too much $$$... so when it came down to it, I knew what I wanted, but I realized if it was gonna happen, I would have to do it myself. I had seen this super ruffly and cute bedding at urban outfitters, but very much like the rest of their items, it was up there in price, I would have to shell out $250 for a duvet cover and pillow shams. Ummm..... no!. So I headed to my nearest bedding store and bought 1 comforter and 1 Flat sheet and got to work.....

After cutting several panels, I hemmed them on all sides and shirred the tops, pinned them, and got to sewing!...  (I felt like I was going to be consumed by all the fabric that was around me, ha!)


Because my wall was blank I decided I finally found a cool place to put this portrait I've had for some time...Its not like any other Marilyn portrait Ive ever seen, and the whole canvas is curved, very cool!

 ... And here is the end result!!!... I JUST LOVE IT... it's only the beginning but you get the idea. Now I still have the rest of the room to play with, and by only spending $50 I still have more Ideas I can make happen, I'm so proud that I have this bedspread that I put together myself! .....now onto more fun projects!...

I LOVE my sewing machine!

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